pagespry has been built to specifically allow us to take any form of data in (e.g. XML, CSV, API, Excel etc ) and output in many formats. Each of these inputs and outputs are built as plugins to the main pagespry software allowing for greater flexibility.
Export to PDF

Export to PDF

From email or print

Built in as standard, export your finished publication as a low-resolution PDF files for quick proofing or emailing or export as high-resolution print-ready PDFs.

Export to InDesign

Export to InDesign

IDML for Adobe InDesign

Exporting to IDML (an XML representation of an InDesign document) has backward compatibility to InDesign CS4 and allows pagespry to do the hard work of placing the content onto the page and then giving you access to make final changes (if needed) to your pages.

Magento to Printed Catalogue

Magento to Printed Catalogue

Create/update your catalogues from managed content in Magento

Managing your content in a website allows us to export the data and images and repurpose your hard work to quickly create a printed catalogue/publication.

Export to Digital Editions

Export to Digital Editions

Turn your publication into a dynamic solution

Digital Editions is a virtual copy of your existing catalogue, brochure or magazine, enabling users to find the same item or product on exactly the same page. It keeps exactly the same look and feel of the printed version but with the extra functionality and tracking that electronic images allow.

Plugins Roadmap

A list of plugins we are developing or considering. Contact us if you have a requirement not listed here.


Export assets at required sizes


Export products to Google Merchant Center


Export products to Amazon Marketplace


Export products to ebay


Build a catalogue from product data within Joomla


Export to Affinity Publisher


Export to QuarkXPress

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