How automation helped build a supplies catalogue for Harris & Bailey

12 August 2021

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In the fast-paced world of business, companies are constantly seeking innovative ways to streamline processes, reduce costs, and stay ahead of the competition. One area where this is particularly crucial is in the production of catalogues, which act as essential marketing tools for showcasing products and services. Harris & Bailey, a leading builder merchants, found their solution in the revolutionary automation tool, pagespry. By harnessing the power of pagespry, they revolutionized their catalogue production process, leveraging supplied images, data in CSV format, and agreed product templates to reap numerous benefits, including increased speed, cost savings, and future-proofing for upcoming catalogues.

Before adopting pagespry, Harris & Bailey faced the typical challenges associated with catalogue production. Creating a catalogue can be a time-consuming and labour-intensive process, involving a manual amalgamation of product images and data from various sources. The task would require meticulous attention to detail to ensure accuracy and consistency throughout the catalogue.

Recognizing the need for an efficient and error-free approach, Harris & Bailey introduced pagespry into their catalogue production workflow. This cutting-edge automation tool allowed them to automate the entire process, from importing product images and data to generating beautifully designed catalogues. The process was elegantly simple yet incredibly powerful:

Harris & Bailey Catalogue
  1. Supplying Images and Data in CSV Format: Harris & Bailey's product team provided high-quality images and product data in CSV format, ensuring consistency and accuracy of information. This CSV file acted as the foundation for building the catalogues.
  2. Utilizing Agreed Product Templates: pagespry featured customizable templates that matched the company's branding and design guidelines. These templates were agreed upon in collaboration with the marketing and design teams, ensuring a consistent look and feel across all catalogues.
  3. Automated Catalogue Generation: With all the necessary elements in place, pagespry took centre stage in the catalogue creation process. The tool intelligently imported the images and data, placing them seamlessly into the designated template, and automatically formatting the content to fit perfectly.
  4. Review and Finalization: Once the automated process was complete, Harris & Bailey's team could review the catalogue to make any necessary adjustments or modifications. pagespry's user-friendly interface allows for quick and effortless editing

Embracing pagespry had a profound impact on Harris & Bailey's catalogue production process, yielding a multitude of benefits:

  1. Speed of Production: By eliminating manual tasks and automating the entire process, Harris & Bailey drastically reduced the time required to produce the catalogue.
  2. Cost Savings: The automation of catalogue production resulted in significant cost savings for Harris & Bailey. They no longer needed to allocate extensive resources or hire additional staff to manage the process, making their operations much more cost-efficient.
  3. Future-Proofing for Catalogue Production: pagespry's flexibility allowed Harris & Bailey to easily adapt their catalogues for future use. They could quickly update product information, add new items, or create specialized catalogues without starting from scratch. This future-proofing ensured they remained agile and ready to respond to changing market dynamics.
  4. Improved Accuracy and Consistency: With automation, human errors were minimized, resulting in more accurate and consistent catalogues. This enhanced the company's reputation, as customers could rely on the information presented in the catalogues, fostering trust and loyalty.
  5. Enhanced Creativity and Design: Despite automation, pagespry offered a range of customizable options, empowering Harris & Bailey's design team to exercise their creativity and craft visually appealing catalogues that resonated with their target audience.

The successful implementation of pagespry revolutionized Harris & Bailey's catalogue production process. By leveraging supplied images, data in CSV format, and agreed product templates, they achieved unprecedented speed, cost savings, and future-proofing capabilities. The company's ability to quickly adapt and deliver high-quality catalogues played a significant role in maintaining their competitive edge in the market.

In an era where automation is increasingly becoming a crucial differentiator for businesses, Harris & Bailey's journey with pagespry serves as an example of how embracing technology can lead to streamlining operations.

About pagespry

pagespry is a SaaS solution (Software as a Service) which allows customer to import their data, create a pagination and export out as various formats including PDF, Adobe InDesign & Digital Editions and all via a standard web browser.

About Harris & Bailey

With over 100 years of experience as one of the industry's largest independent building and plumbing materials distributors, Harris & Bailey offer you more choice, lower prices and invaluable technical advice. Whatever the size of your project, heating, sanitary, building, plumbing, bathrooms, kitchens, H&B are well placed and ready to meet your needs.

About Pindar Creative

Pindar Creative are a DTP (Desktop Publishing) & Software Solutions business located in Amersham, UK. They have been working in the catalogue market space for some 20 years and have development numerous automated workflows to assist customers with their product data to produce printed publication and web solutions.
To find out more, please visit the Pindar Creative website.

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